Thursday, October 28, 2010

The escalating war with KGW

Honestly, when it comes to the point where Producers are accusing you of assuming the identity of every person or troll on Twitter that has taken an interest in this story in order to get out of having to take any responsibility, what is the point of trying to deal with them? A few folks on Twitter have been our heroes in taking on KGW (since we are blocked), one of them being a certain Mayor of Camas. Apparently, that was a bridge too far for the producer of Live @ 7, The Square Aaron Weiss and he saw fit to blame us for a tweet he got.

Belo Corp., do you have any adults in your organization that we can talk to???

Click here for the e-mail exchange between my husband and Aaron Weiss. I'm sorry that it's come to this. I really am.


James Kiester said...

Hun, you're right, but ya might as well let it go. TV News isn't really news, unless you count weather forecasts, sports scores, and reports on who's bopping whom. It's sensational entertainment aimed at the unthinking masses. They're not going to own a mistake and risk ratings. Get your news from NPR and your ball scores and weather from TV News.

James Kiester said...

And the TV weather's %50 accurate, at best.

bujeeboo said...

I've planted my flag. These posts will be out there on the Internet in case anyone else should be treated like we were treated. And I am considering my post-election presence here. I'm thinking if Dudley wins, I will become the Shannyn Moore of Oregon. The media might need to get used to me.

James Kiester said...

Let's hope it doesn't come to that. No matter who wins though, writers will be needed to keep the powers that be in check. Good night. :-)