Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tracker trespasses in PDX Urban League event, gets what's coming to him?

BREAKING: The trolling tracker with the video camera has been identified as Daniel Sandini, 48, of Southwest Portland.

Mapes has the story here. And yes, he is apparently pressing charges, which is his right. But I hope this was a teachable moment for Mr. Sandini about the 1st Amendment and private property rights. (Somehow, I doubt that.) Anyway, he refuses to speak to the media because they will ask him, you know, QUESTIONS!

So here is my question: If Chris Dudley isn't a member of the Tea Party, then why is the Tea Party sending trackers to his opponent's speaking engagements?

By now many of you have seen the video of the citizen who was allegedly assaulted at the Urban League forum with featured guest John Kitzhaber, Democratic candidate for Oregon Governor. Here's what I know about this matter. At least two people who regularly attend these events have told me privately that this videographer is a tracker and attends these events with an eye for disrupting them. While I don't condone punching anyone to get them to stop filming, it seems to me this person had it coming if he was looking to cause trouble. So here's the deal. I want to know who this guy is. And I want the rest of his unedited film to be made public. There was another person filming it from the other side of the room, which leads me to believe this was a coordinated effort.

Does anyone know who this guy is?

I'm also perturbed that KOIN, who was streaming the event, will not post the archival footage of the event anywhere on line. Is it because it's now evidence in a police matter?

My best guess is that this will not be pursued by the videographer because a) we would then know his identity and b) the unedited version of his film will be made public and we can then see his role in the events. But I don't think someone whose motive was to embarrass an invited guest to an event should be allowed to languish in anonymity after his stupid prank.

The guy who punched him should not have done that, but it's not the responsibility of the invited guest to say or do anything about it as it is happening. If anything, the church where this took place owes Dr. Kitzhaber an apology for their mishandling of the situation. But this guy with the camera has some culpability too.

Anyone know who he is? DM me at @bujeeboo. And while you're at it, some stern word to KOIN, @KOIN_Local_6 are also in order. Who are they protecting?

The irresponsible journalism of KGW

One of the stickiest issues so far in the Oregon Governor's race has been this video taped comment made by Chris Dudley:

"it doesn't make sense that our waitresses are getting tips plus the highest minimum wage in the country."

Last night on Live @ 7 on KGW, Anne Yeager took a scatter shot approach to discrediting the people who are RIGHTFULLY appalled by the quote, implying that Dudley was somehow taken out of context due to the editing of the video. In an appalling piece of slipshod "investigative reporting" Yeager's piece ALSO edited the video to leave out the question that Dudley was answering in agreement. And THEN, she sticks a microphone in his face and gives him a platform to backtrack the comment. There's no doubt that this quote has been reflecting badly on Dudley and that he would take it back if he could. He has been careful about the whole matter up til the September 9th venue where he said the quote. Jeff Mapes seemed to get it when he addressed the matter of Dudley's stance on the tip credit back in July and that Dudley didn't want to go on record about it at all:

"At any rate, it's clear that Dudley - who didn't rule out taking up the tip credit issue if he is elected governor - is a favorite of the Oregon Restaurant Association." (who incidently, as of this morning, have given $90K to Dudley's campaign).

I became aware of the quote from Blue Oregon on September 21st, before it was edited into the "short" version. The Democratic Party posted the full, unedited version on You Tube on September 20th. Judging by the comments on the Blue Oregon page then, we were outraged then because, oh I dunno... we understand English and nuance and context. Elements that apparently Anne Yeager does not understand.

To be sure, there has been a backlash against Yeager already this morning. My husband and I, being vocal pains in the ass, challenged her investigative methods on Twitter. We mentioned the fact that she left out the $90K donation by the Restaurant Association. She kept trying to put the focus on Dudley's idea of a training wage. And then she admitted that she didn't understand the "lingo" of "tip credit".

Did she even watch the video herself? Dudley pretty much breaks it down for her. But in case she or anyone else is still unclear about what "tip credit" means, here is a nice explanation and breakdown of how it works in North Carolina.

Note that tipped employees make $5.12 LESS an hour than non-tipped employees. Furthermore, it amounts to less payroll tax, Social Security, and unemployment insurance being paid.

At 00:43 into the "long" unedited version of the video, Dudley says "I agree" to the question being asked about employees making too much money and then uses a third party's story to corroborate his point. Is this not AGREEMENT? Dudley COULD have used the opportunity to praise people who wait tables for a living for the relatively low wage they make. No. Instead, he commiserated with the whiny, cheapskate restaurant owner who was complaining about how much money his waitresses cost him. He has NEVER addressed tip credit and Yeager failed to ask that when she had the chance.

So here it is. The full, unedited video of Dudley agreeing that minimum wage (which he incorrectly claims is the highest in the country) PLUS tips is too much money.

And yes, he does offer up a training wage as a "first" step: "that’s one area I would like to tackle first is to at least get a training wage going" The follow up question to that matter should be: "what's to stop restaurant owners from overly relying on young wait staff making training wage and putting older, experienced workers out of work?" Think you can handle that, Anne Yeager?

The really inexcusable part of Yeager's report is that Kitzhaber is tacitly being blamed for the video. It didn't require investigative journalism to unearth the source of the video... the unedited video has been posted from the start, by the DPO and, in turn, by Blue Oregon.

And finally, please note: As of today, Chris Dudley has still not stated where he stands on "tip credit". This question must be explicitly asked on Thursday's debate on KGW.

I am constantly amazed at how woefully inept the media has been on the Oregon Governor's race. This comes from having to do research myself that I often post here. But this incident fails every journalistic standard of fairness. I wish the media would put as much effort in finding out the identity of the tracker who disrupted the Urban League forum as they did in giving Dudley his opportunity to backtrack off this quote.

Anyone know who that guy is?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Chris Dudley's Change

This is just the most awesome and powerful visual reminder WHY anyone who cares for the environment and our Oregon beaches should NOT vote for Chris Dudley.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Will Dudley's capital gains cuts help? nope.

We own a small business, our taxes have NEVER been lower. What are we doing with the money? Banking it. just like everyone else is doing:
The problem with Dudley's plan is that its' capital gains cuts creates an amazing imbalance. Cap gains are taxed as income in OR, Dudley's plan reduces cap gains to 3%. What that means is that his company Filigree Advisors which has no employees, stands to make millions and not create a single Oregon job. When large corps with large numbers of employees have piles of cash on hand, how do they grow? They BUY marketshare. Acquisitions and consolidation don't create jobs they create huge job losses.
He plans to "pay" for the loss in revenue to the state "with all the new jobs it creates!". Seriously? isn't that how we got into this mess in the first place... you know, projections?
We moved our company here from California. I'm never looking back. Oregon is a great place for a business (and an amazing place to live) and the statistics actually show that:
Because we are a B2B business, we're growing. 2010 will be our best year ever. As a business, cap gains has nothing to do with our hiring decisions. demand does.
Oregon does not exist in a vacuum, what happens nationally affects us. In the past year AFTER 66&67 we've closed the unemployment gap between OR and Nat rate by about 50%.
Under our last GOP Gov, Atiyeh Oregon went from a national tax burden rank of 6th to 3rd highest in the nation. Since Atiyeh we've risen to 26th (under Kitz we improved from 15th to 20th).
Yeah pick the guy who never had to balance a budget and assumes the best way to pay your bills is to reduce your revenue ... and watch how quickly Oregon collapses.

My comment in the Oregonian about Chris Dudley's 20-pt plan

Wow! If Oregon elects this guy, we're pretty stupid. This plan benefits Filigree Investments (Dudley's company) and the wealth-on-paper crowd he represents. I DO think there is a story here, if the Oregonian would pursue it.

Let me put it to you in perfectly understandable terms. My husband owns a corporation. He is based in Oregon and is the proverbial "small business" that Dudley is aiming to stimulate. Capital gains cuts won't help him. It won't help him employ a single person. Small businesses don't make purchasing or hiring decisions based on capital gains. Meanwhile, day traders and companies like Filigree are going to pay 66% less in taxes than a cop, firefighter, or teacher. Or you or me for that matter.

Dudley keeps using this disengenuous figure of 11% capital gains and that it's "the highest in the nation". What he's not explaining is that it's 11% above $500,000. This applies to millionaires. Dudley doesn't like the fact that he has to pay taxes on money made speculating in the market as if it were income. This plan is redistribution of wealth to people he represents at his firm with money that belongs in the Oregon coffers.

This gift for speculators WILL NOT CREATE A SINGLE JOB.

Reject this fraud!

(Link to article)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dudley's Donors - Part 2

Be sure to see Part 1 of Dudley's Donors

Seneca Sawmills
(Name filed on their ORESTAR record: Seneca Jones Timber Company)
Aggregate Donation to Dudley: $35,000

If you live anywhere in or near Eugene, you probably already know about the Cogeneration wood burning power plant that Seneca is bringing on line as I type. According to the Oregon Toxics Alliance's report (PDF here):

"This project is being marketed as a source of “green” energy, but it has the potential to be a significant source of air pollution in West Eugene.

Attempts to compare the plant’s emissions to all sources in the County as a whole (including vehicle or wood stove emissions) is overlooking the fact that this power plant will be one of the single largest sources of air pollutants in Eugene and Lane County.

Air pollution facts:
• As proposed, the power plant would be the 2nd largest emitter of NOx and CO in Eugene, the 4th largest emitter of NOx in Lane County, and the 7th largest emitter of CO in the County.

• The power plant would be Eugene’s single largest emitter of styrene (a carcinogen), acetaldehyde (a carcinogen), hydrogen chloride (causes respiratory illnesses), and napthalene (a carcinogen). Furthermore, all of the existing sources of those toxics are located in one neighborhood - West Eugene.

• At 1.7 tons, the proposed plant will be Eugene’s 3rd largest emitter of formaldehyde (a carcinogen). All 9 existing sources are located in West Eugene.

• At 1.4 tons, Seneca will be the 4th largest emitter of toluene (a carcinogen). 19 of the 21 existing Eugene’s toluene sources are in West Eugene.

• A natural gas power plant of the same capacity would have significantly less emissions

Stronger Pollution Controls (NOx)

• As proposed, the power plant would be the 2nd largest emitter of NO in Eugene and the 4th in Lane County.

• The plant would emit and 186 tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx).

• A natural gas power plant of the same capacity would release 115 tons.

• According to the EPA, NOx causes respiratory problems and aggravates heart disease. It can damage lung tissue and cause premature death.

• NOx is a major component of ground-level ozone and global warming."

Wow! I don't know about you, but all the assurances in the world wouldn't make me feel better about living near this thing. Environmentalists used to get happily excited about biomass plants for energy generation until they found out what these plants do to the neighborhoods situated near them.

Just a cursory Google search on pollution violations of this type of plant yielded the following results:

State settles pollution case at wood-fired plant
New Waterbury powerplant cited for pollution violations (I checked other sources, it is a biomass plant)

Closer to home, this article came out in the Oregonian today:
"Freres Lumber (Note: CEO is also a Dudley contributor) fired up its biomass plant in 2007 as part of the green power rush, banking on tax breaks to generate steam and electricity at its Lyons mill by burning forest slash and mill waste. But proposed rules from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency -- including new regulations on boiler pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the plants -- could force the company to sample emissions more and put "pollution controls on top of pollution controls," Freres executives say. The proposed regulations would make it very difficult to operate the plant, says Kyle Freres, a vice president. "And I really don't think new plants would have much incentive to start up." "


Just what is Chris Dudley's stance on the environment: a well-known local Republican says on his blog that Dudley has dodged this question when asked. So he speculates (with much disdain and imagined eye-rolling) that Dudley believes in man-made causes of global warming. I would say, in typical Dudley fashion, he's merely dodged the whole subject. I was able to find something a bit more official-looking as far as a stance here comparing the Republican candidates for Governor before Dudley won the primary

(Under Environment/Energy):

"Chris Dudley: Would focus state policies to promote, not stand in the way of, sustainable development of ranching, timber and agricultural industries. Supports Oregon's emphasis on green economy but should re-evaluate state subsidies for renewable power. Says he is open to liquefied natural gas facilities but doesn't see public appetite for oil drilling off Oregon coast."

So the truth lies somewhere between "promoting" ...timber (et al) industries and if you consider biomass renewable power. Greenpeace does not consider it renewable, and neither do I since biomass is fueled largely by our forests. Until someone asks Chris Dudley specifically about this matter, we're just going to have to take it on faith that all Seneca (and Freres) will get in return for its donation is a Christmas card. The citizens in and around West Eugene would probably like more reassurance.

Further reading: Interesting article about biomass and why enviros aren't thrilled with it-

We didn't do our job, therefore you suck

Have you noticed that the Oregon GOP's approach regarding Kitzhaber's first run as Governor is, 'We didn't do our job for Oregon, therefore you suck'

Kitzhaber vetoed 5 budgets, why? because of GOP deficit spending. The GOP consistently presented the Kitzhaber administration with budgets with deficit spending, they refused to either cut services or raise a tax to pay for them.

Fast forward... GOP now accuses Kitzhaber of tax and spend. ironic, eh?

Monday, September 13, 2010

More Honesty Problems

Next time you see the Chris Dudley ad "Deserve", you might pay closer attention to a certain Oregonian quote:

Of course Team Dudley didn't include the ENTIRE quote, the rest of which reads:

... and state government appeared powerless to help.

That would be the REPUBLICAN-controlled Legislature aka "State Government".

Just want to supply you with the TRUTH. When Dudley tries to tar Kitzhaber with "negative campaigning", he's at best obfuscating.

Tell me again how Chris Dudley is an outsider? He seems like just another politician to me.

Added by Bodiegroup:

I'd add to that that in every one of Dudley's attacks, pay careful attention to the dates of quotes or statistics and ask yourself why each one is post 9/11...

It appears that Dudley has a "PRE 9/11 mentality. Maybe you should ask him who was running the US when all of these horrible stats happened in Oregon and EVERY OTHER STATE in the nation.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dudley's Donors - Part 1

First, an administrative note: I want to apologize for not moderating comments in a timely fashion. I was pulled in reluctantly to start this blog when I witnessed the RGA's disappearing tweets bragging about Chris Dudley's meeting in Aspen, CO when he should have been debating John Kitzhaber. I'm still figuring out how this all works. Doing the research is easy (yes, you can do this yourself). Finding the time to write about it is harder. I'm also an artist, always trying to get some time in the studio. And I am a principal in my family's corporation. You will find no one who is happier than I am for the elections in November to be over with, but in the meantime I will try to be more aware of the mechanics of this blog. And so, I apologize. Your comments should be posted in better time from now on.

And now, on with the show...

In case you were wondering who is contributing to Chris Dudley's campaign, the high rollers are a veritable who's who of environmental ne'er -do-wells and inhumane shitbags. Are you surprised? I'm not. If you believe as I do, that Dudley's function at Filigree Advisors is to glad-hand and essentially pimp his celebrity for his company (and now his party) and if you read Filigree's application for IAR (see below), the types of investments they are involved in jump out at you:

Real Estate. OK. Oil and gas partnerships? Just looking at this alone, it comes as no surprise that Chris Dudley nonchalantly told Laurel Porter on KGW Straight Talk that he was "open" to off-shore drilling EVEN AS the BP oil spill nightmare unfolded before the nation's horrified eyes.

This is the "nugget" that Dudley wants the voters to believe: Because he is "pro-business" (supposedly more than his opponent), this translates into job creation. When you look at Dudley's donors, you have a list of persons and business entities that are certainly expectant of wealth creation, especially through use of our natural resources. That, however, doesn't necessarily mean "job creation". And when you look at some of these donors' behaviors, it seems downright disgusting to reward them with anything, least of all a friend in the Governor's Mansion in Salem.

So, let's start the Dudley's Douchey Donors list with the natural resources category:

Stimson Lumber
Aggregate Donation to Dudley: $50,000
Personal donation form CEO Andrew Miller: $8450

As a special interest group, these guys are no stranger to an election.

No on Measure 49 involvement (2007):
The Portland Mercury explains better than I can why scrutiny of political donors is so important:

There's a reason journalists and good government activists spend so much time poring over campaign donor lists—the motives of each side's backers can reveal what's really in store for the state. That's clearly on display with M49, and with M37 three years ago. The biggest M37 claimholder, with over 109,000 acres in contention, is Stimson Lumber, who donated the largest contribution yet ($200,000) last week to the Stop 49 campaign. Stimson, a major player in the Northwest timber industry for over a hundred years, was the preeminent sponsor of M37 three years ago.

Understand: Stimson logs and then parcels the land for housing.
"In Washington County, west of Beaverton, Stimson Lumber holds the largest M37 claim, for nearly 15,000 acres subdivided for residential development. The cumulative area slated for development under various Measure 37 claims would immediately double the suburban land area in Washington County—and the Stimson claim is the lion's share of that potential sprawl."

In explaining the Stimson claims, CEO Andrew Miller told the Willamette Week "his company’s claims are 'political leverage'.” It should be mentioned that Stimson was also a $30,000 contributor to the original Measure 37 campaign.

Luckily, the voters prevailed and M49 passed.

No on Measure 67 involvement (2009/10):
Stimson Lumber has not been in agreement with the majority of Oregon voters on other issues. As explained in an excellent article regarding campaign funding which is worth a full read, it is not surprising that they pumped massive cash into defeating M67 campaign which passed this year. Measure 67 primarily effected large corporations such as Stimson, and closed a huge inequitable tax loophole for large corporations in this state. The anti-tax crowd is still complaining about it and Chris Dudley has plainly stated he was against it. But so far there is no proof that a single company has left the state as a direct result of Measure 67. No doubt, this issue will still be discussed this election until there is proof positive to shut the Chicken Little's up. In any case, Measure 67 was not the job-killer that the lousy economy in general is.

More Stimson/Measure 49 links:

More Stimson/Measure 67 links:
http://www.commoncause.org/site/pp.asp?c=dkLNK1MQIwG&b=5692411&auid=5773288 (Some of the same donors to both the campaign to defeat M67 AND Chris Dudley are named on this list.)

Legal matters:
Being a company over 100 years old, you are bound to run afoul of the law and regulations now and again. Stimson has its share of polluted ponds, DEQ and OSHA violations and deplorable as those are, three more egregious matters should make anyone wonder why any campaign would take this company's money.

Most recently, just this year "The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ... Northwest Environmental Defense Center (NEDC) v. Brown, No. 07-35266, a three-judge panel overruled a Federal District Court's dismissal of NEDC's suit alleging that the Oregon State Forester and several private timberland owners had violated the Federal Clean Water Act (CWA)." Stimson was named as one of the defendants in this case. Basically they fought for and lost the right to dump their polluting run-off water in the ditches where they log without a permit.

Before that, there was the biggest fire-related settlement in Idaho's history, paid by Stimson Lumber for negligence.

"BOISE – A North Idaho logging operation is one of two companies that must pay $1.5 million to the state to settle negligence claims stemming from a 2003 wildfire.
The Hunt Creek fire torched nearly a square mile of state-owned timber on the eastern shore of Priest Lake.
Babbitt Logging Inc., based in Coeur d’Alene, and Portland-based Stimson Lumber Co. signed the settlement Oct. 9. The state had alleged that the companies caused the fire by improperly rigging logging equipment.
The money represents the largest forest-fire-related settlement Idaho has ever received, said Roger Jansson, head of state Department of Lands’ northern operations."

That takes us back further to Oliver vs. Stimson Lumber, a case that by everything I could find and understand (I am not a lawyer), seems to be some sort of precedent case regarding evidence destruction through negligence where an employee was injured on the job and evidence was re-tooled so as to render it useless even after it had been named as evidence.

But there's nothing like a Civil Rights case against a Reservist to really drive the case home: These guys suck.

Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Justice Department Settles Lawsuit Against Stimson Lumber Company to Enforce the Employment Rights of Oregon Reservist
WASHINGTON - The Department of Justice announced today that it has entered into a consent decree with Stimson Lumber Company (Stimson) that, if approved by the court, will resolve the Department’s complaint, also filed today, that Oregon-based Stimson failed to reemploy Oregon reservist David Eckhardt in violation of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA).

The Department’s complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in Portland, Ore., alleges that Stimson violated USERRA by failing or refusing to promptly reemploy David Eckhardt upon his return from military service in the Naval Reserves. In March 2007, Eckhardt attended a required military training program. After a short recovery period from an injury sustained during his military training obligation, Eckhardt contacted Stimson in April 2007 to seek reemployment as a boiler operator. The complaint alleges that Stimson failed or refused to reemploy Eckhardt, notifying him that the company had hired another individual to replace him. Under the terms of the consent decree, Stimson is required to provide remedial relief to Eckhardt in the form of an undisclosed monetary payment. Stimson is also prohibited from retaliating against persons who exercise their rights under USERRA.

Regulations? Laws? Who cares about laws?

In closing, Stimson already has its tentacles in all levels of forest management, and I realize that the timber industry in Oregon has fallen on hard times in recent years (ironically causing much of the job loses that Dudley is blaming on John Kitzhaber during the time when he was Governor). But Stimson has proven by the examples shown here and by their political activism that they are scrambling hard to get a Corporate Welfare Savior in Salem. Dudley is their guy and the association may not be beneficial to the rest of us.

If you have links to other Stimson Lumber stories, please tweet them to me @bujeeboo

More of Dudley's Donors in coming days...

And allow me one last divergence. What is up with the Republican Party of Oregon? No platform yet? I guess they have Empty Suits and no standards by which to judge them, even amongst their own party.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Kitzhaber on education funding.

While Dudley spent the last 6 months having his Washington DC staff and Haley Barbour tell him what his "positions" were, John Kitzhaber was laying his out.

Here is his short answer on education funding.For the long answer go to his website.

Dudley when recently asked "what SPECIFICALLY would you do to imporve education" responded with "I'd make sure we're doing everything we can to move education forward"

gee that's specific, dud.